Mum O’Clock chats with Tamsin Roberts – Vlogger at Anchormum

My name is Tamsin and I am a broadcast journalist. I used to be a real anchor at Sky news before having 3 children. I also worked at ITV London Tonight as a reporter and presenter. The reality of going back to work and finding childcare for 3 kids led to the creation of Anchormum and the blogs and vlogs. I decided that if I couldn’t go back to work I would bring work to the home! Anchormum reports on a variety of issues but mainly those cliched kiddie scenarios in her best newsreader voice and favourite outfits!

Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born in London but have moved around the country a lot. I have lived in Birmingham and Glasgow among other UK cities! As a result, I love change and am never afraid to try new things. My mother was a ballerina and my father an actor. I always wanted to follow in his footsteps but ended up a journalist instead! I lived in London now with my husband and 3 young children who are 2, 6 and 7.

If you were to choose one word to describe your daily life, what would it be?

Non-stop. (sorry, that’s kind of 1-2 words!!) Having three kids means you are always on the go. There is not much time to sit and relax!

Describe the last time you did something that made your soul happy?

The last time I went for a run – I try and go a few times a week as it makes me feel good about myself.

How often do you do that thing?

Twice a week.

Anchormum and her children

How do you feel when you are regularly carving out time for yourself compared to not?

I feel so much more positive when I have regular me time compared to not having it. It is great to have that regular slot of time out to look forward to! Having something nice planned to is always good for the soul!

What is your definition of me-time now that you are a mum?

Now that I am a Mum, me-this is time on my own without the children. It is good to spend a bit of time out so that you can give it your all when you have had a break.

What are your 3 favourite ways to practice self-care?

Exercise where possible, spending time with friends and dinner out with my husband.

In your opinion, why is prioritising self-care in your day-to-day important?

For me, it is important to find time for yourself so that I have full mental and physical energy for my children. Even if you only have a little time out it can count for a lot.

What are your top tips to cut yourself some slack and make time for you that could benefit another mother?

I would say accept help. Any help, particularly when the children are small is so important. Even 20 minutes of me time can keep you feeling calmer and less tired. Also, grab a nap when you can. There’s nothing better than a cat nap to keep up energy levels!!!


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