Mum O’Clock chats with Lindsey – Blogger at London Mumma

Hey there, my name is Lindsey, I was born and raised in South London.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I currently live there with my 3-year-old daughter Leanora and Cat Milo, you may know me from the London Mumma blog. I have worked every single job under the moon and then some, which honestly, dare I admit it, I love! I am currently working in Events & Reservations, Freelance Stylist, Parenting Editor and most importantly a Full-Time Single Parent fuelled by coffee Monday – Friday, Lady diesel over the weekend ‘prosecco’.

If you were to choose one word to describe your daily life, what would it be?

Hectic! Bottom line really, as a parent no two days are the same, also working for myself, god knows where I’ll be, I do not think I even know where I am now, but guess what, do I love it? Hell yeah! Would I change my chaotic life, not on your nelly mate! Yes, life can be tough, but that’s the fun in it, I see my life as an adventure, is my life stable, meh! But what I do know is that my daughter is happy and healthy, Milo too, well as long as Leanora is not chasing him all over the house and walking around with him in a headlock.

Describe the last time you did something that made your soul happy? How often do you do that thing?

To be fair, I could not tell you the last time that I had me time, am I complaining, not really, am I a tad upset about it, yeah now you’ve asked haha! But I’m a single mum with loads of responsibilities, a daughter to take care of, a home to run and cat to protect and love, a blog that came out of nowhere to look after, bills to pay and jobs to do, so me time went out the window 3 and a bit of years ago, me time is my little family nestled in Clapham. If they are happy, that’s enough me time for me.

Lindsey London Mumma and daughter

How do you feel when you are regularly carving out time for yourself compared to not?
What is your definition of me-time now that you are a mum?

To describe me time if I really had to now that I am a mother, it is secretly sneaking away to go to the bathroom on my own, enjoying that morning brew without interruption and catching the news before the whole house awakes or lounging on the sofa at ridiculous o’clock with a good book and falling asleep to Love Island or Big Brother, then having a gossip about the shows’ events the next day with my grandad.

What are your top tips to cut yourself some slack and make time for you that could benefit another mother?

My golden rule or hack to squeeze a bit more time out of my day, is quite simply, to get up an extra hour early! Honestly as knackered as I am I can get a bit more done, be it the ‘me time, I am now craving THANKS’, to getting the clothes sorted, brekkie prepared and dare I say it, my blog post for the day done at 4/5am! Pictures I edit whilst on the tube, my best work is done on the tube, something about the motion soothes me. My advice to other mothers, single or otherwise, no matter what, you are doing an amazing job,

My advice to other mothers, single or otherwise, no matter what, you are doing an amazing job, whether you have the help or not just don’t over think it, learn to chill, if your little cheeky chops is happy, healthy, clean and striving what more could you ask for! Show gratitude for what you have. I write a list each morning, well most, let me know lie about it, but whilst writing and thinking about what I am grateful for at that moment in time I look at my snoring babe and cat, curled up on the bed and my heart fills with love and pride to know that she, my little Leanora has got me this far and without her love, temper tantrums too I know that me time is irrelevant because I would not be ME right now, a 32-year-old coffee fuelled mum without my little cha-chi.

Lindsey London Mumma and tree


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