Mum O’Clock chats with Sunita Harley – Blogger at Lucky Things

Sunita is an HR expert and lifestyle blogger over at Over the past year,  her blog has taken her into offline projects like the sell-out events for women – The Lucky Things Meet Ups. Sunita is excited about her 40th year. The other month she appeared on BBC Radio chatting about blogger and Instagram life. In June, Sunita talked at Blogtacular 2017 about looking after your online and offline wellbeing. Her blog is all about connecting confidence to your career, wellbeing, life and style so it’s lovely that she’s recently been nominated and is a finalist for the 2017 The Inspire Brilliance in Blogging award founded by

Tell us a bit about yourself

My parents are Mauritian and my girls are half-Mauritian and half-English Brummy. We’re really proud they get to grow up with more than two cultures. I’ve lived in London since the age of eighteen.

If you were to choose one word to describe your daily life, what would it be?

Lucky. Hence the name of my blog. It’s may sound a bit cheesy at times but I say this word a lot. We’ve been together for over 13 years and life has thrown some really mountains at us to climb. We did IVF for our two girls and so glad we get to enjoy the ups (and downs) of parenthood together. Everything we go through makes us stronger and we do our best to adapt. I tell my girls every night how lucky I feel to be their mummy.

Describe the last time you did something that made your soul happy?  

I spent the day with one of my best friends. She was pregnant with her twins and she treated me to a gorgeous spa day for my 40th. We literally chatted all day long.

How often do you do this thing?

Never!! I rarely go to spa days now. It made me realise how even a little bit of pamper time at home is good for you.

Sunita Portrait Daniela cafe yellow skirt

How do you feel when you are regularly carving out time for yourself compared to not?

When I enjoy some me-time, I feel more energised afterwards. I’ve stopped feeling guilty about taking some time out as it’s important to look after my own wellbeing. In our home, mental health is really important to us as a couple. When I don’t get to enjoy me-time, it’s OK but I may start to miss having time to do my own thing. I like the idea that my girls see me as an independent mum who is ok spending time on her own (although I miss them heaps and I’m sure I suffer from separation anxiety when I’m not with them).

What is your definition of me-time now that you are a mum?

Popping into town on my own or just hanging out with my friends and other like-minded women. That’s one of the reasons why I organise the Lucky Things Meet Ups around the country. On an everyday level, it’s about listening to music or at least one song that boosts my day. In the evening if I’m not working, then writing a blog post is pretty relaxing for me. I would really love to go out dancing one night!

What are your 3 favourite ways to practice self-care?

Enjoy some decent sleep (if that’s possible), paint my nails (no longer do Shellac but I’ve discovered a fab gel nail polish from Next that works a treat!) Secondly, just pause and enjoy small moments with my daughters. I feel very grateful to be their mummy. Thirdly, eat food I love – this doesn’t always mean really healthy food but balanced things. I am feeling very lucky as I will be able to do one and three in May when I head to the MOM 2.0 Blogger Summit in Orlando. I won a competition with Dove to go to this blogger conference. It’s going to be full-on but I will make sure I enjoy any rest time.

In your opinion, why is prioritising self-care in your day-to-day important?

We need to look after ourselves as many of us live busy lives. Our brains, hearts and bodies are in over-drive. We also put a lot of pressure on ourselves. Self-care must be good for protecting our mental resilience.

What are your top tips to cut yourself some slack and make time for you that could benefit another mother? 

Ask for help! Don’t be proud. Delegating is a tough skill to master at work as well as at home. So trust others to look after your children and chores so you can take some time out.

If you really need a break, ask for 15 minutes so you can either read a book or magazine you like, pop out for a quick walk on your own or enjoy some music you really love.

If you need some energy boosting reading, check out the book The Things You Only See When You Slow Down by Haemin Sunim. Sarah from @the_mama_works gave it to me for my birthday and I love it. It’s super easy to read. Sometimes I have a quick flick through when I’m cooking dinner!

Also, explore mindfulness if you don’t already practice it. There’s this really cool technique called the Transitional Pause developed by Dr. Tamara Russell. It’s a quick thing to do even when you’re on the move!Sunita & Toddler Munch

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